Is this one available in Canada this time? I missed the Pinsir event, but apparently it wasn’t released in Canada anyway. The fancy pattern Vivillion was available in Canada so I’m not sure why Pinsir wasn’t.
I’ll answer my own question - Pinsir was a Gamestop event, not a Internet distribution. That is probably the reason. This post is kind of pointless now, but I’ll still post because it seems like a waste to delete it.

Initial D on “Grab a Super-Size Punkaboo in Pokemon X/Y for Halloween”

I think it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone on staff that is a writing dynamo is also a silver tongued God. Get a group in the podcast that works together. We don’t want people that take up the whole hour, we want differentiating opinions. Susan? No. Xav? No. They overtake the conversation. Give them their own podcasts.

Sanguinis on episode 114 of the Super Joystiq Podcast

Well it would of been nice if you took the time to actually try the ‘loot cave’ before writing all this. […]
OH and you know the whole community aspect of chatting with all the destiny players gathered having fun chatting.
Wait you would not know, would you? LudwigK
I’m no troll, or destiny fan boy it would just been nice if you did a little research in the game.

wiipokemon on “The Truth Inside Destiny’s Loot Cave”

Just wanted to say, Alexander: you are no stranger to disappointment based on what I know of you from the Super Joystiq Podcast. And so I’m very glad that the game you’ve been excited about since E3 lived up to your expectations!

prototypemike on a review of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor