For all those complaining about woman not being represented in the video game industry and why men make up the bulk of the tech companies.
Well, here’s your answer. The reason woman don’t make a large percent of the tech industry is because woman do not peruse degree’s in it, not because woman are being excluded.

BrianGreen1 on “What happened to all of the women coders in 1984”

Who posts shit like that on twitter?
It’s clearly a hoax, you can see it from outer space. She doesn’t have to show up at appearances because white knights will protect her at all costs. She still hasn’t released her kickstarter viders (which pro tip, were supposed to be out a year ago), so why would she have to do anything at all?

BigBoss on “Anita Sarkeesian speech canceled following threats, safety concerns”

Looking at this from the outside, my issue with the whole ‘sexism’ in video games thing is that the vast majority of these women do not play video games. They are using video games as a soap box. They demand people make video games that cater to them when they are not the intended audience for said games[….] (Not to mention the fact that a lot of these feminists blatantly state that they don’t actually like games).

JuanAnaya on “Anita Sarkeesian speech canceled following threats, safety concerns”