Great discussion on diversity. Special thanks to Susan for mentioning the bit on how people are valid for not wanting to read about controversial topics like diversity in video games. I hadn’t given thought to that angle before, and I have to highly respect that mentality. I will try to keep it in mind in any future discourse on such subjects.

Sharvis_ on episode 105 of the Super Joystiq Podcast

I don’t come here to be bombarded by the same shit that the Google AppStore props up in their recommended site. I don’t need to see Joystiq contributing to early 1980s Atari era trash. You just won’t stop. Instead of finding decent news that other sites have, I see this. It’s like there’s some kind of desperation to find news to pad out the front page. Contributors used to be able to provide enough content for a new, interesting story every 15 minutes. Now? Hours of nothing then, wham, mobile free-to-play microtransaction bullshit.

laughingtarget on “Final Fantasy Record Keeper relives the series’ battles for mobile”