In other words, the LGBT stuff in video games isn’t actually as popular as the LGBT crowd believed itself to be. Gee, who would ever have thought?
You’ll have to go back to trying to reform and censor creative expression from behind your twitter accounts.
BunnyMage on “GaymerX2 will be final year for LGBTQ-focused con”

Why does being gay suddenly make you special when it comes to making a video games? Sounds more to me like these people’s personal lives are more important than what they’re actually making when it comes to being a developer. It comes off as incredibly self centered.
indraroh on “GaymerX2 will be final year for LGBTQ-focused con”

My 3 year old son heard that song after riding Splash Mountain.
When the song asked “What does the fox say?” He responded with ‘Get yourself down from there!’.
Which is what the fox says on the ride. :)
Ordeith on “The fox says whatever you want in Spry Fox’s Road Not Taken contest”