Great discussion on diversity. Special thanks to Susan for mentioning the bit on how people are valid for not wanting to read about controversial topics like diversity in video games. I hadn’t given thought to that angle before, and I have to highly respect that mentality. I will try to keep it in mind in any future discourse on such subjects.

Sharvis_ on episode 105 of the Super Joystiq Podcast

I don’t come here to be bombarded by the same shit that the Google AppStore props up in their recommended site. I don’t need to see Joystiq contributing to early 1980s Atari era trash. You just won’t stop. Instead of finding decent news that other sites have, I see this. It’s like there’s some kind of desperation to find news to pad out the front page. Contributors used to be able to provide enough content for a new, interesting story every 15 minutes. Now? Hours of nothing then, wham, mobile free-to-play microtransaction bullshit.

laughingtarget on “Final Fantasy Record Keeper relives the series’ battles for mobile”

Nobody ever stopped gays from doing their thing before; they just RIGHTFULLY kept it in the closet. Now that it’s out, the liberal media has made certain you can’t open a webpage ANYWHERE without seeing something gay-related, and the same ‘normalizing’ message has already begun to weave itself into our entertainment media [….] And here we have a game from a major developer that’s ALL ABOUT making a ‘gay parade’.
Hitler would be envious of all the methods the gay community has at their disposal, and it still took him only a generation (Hitler youth) to ‘change’ Germany and their belief in their own genetic superiority.

Aaron Marshall on “Pridefest is the gay pride parade simulator from Atari”

I would have agreed with you a little while ago but the last month some of her articles have been blatant flame bait.

She also consistently posts the most articles that have nothing to do with actual games. Cool art is cool and all but it’s not a game, it’s a picture. I don’t really come to Joystiq for that kinda stuff, I come here for objective news about when games are coming out, interviews and reviews. Not gaming culture and certainly not politics but at least with the gaming culture stuff it at least makes a little sense and I’m sure there are people who enjoy it.

greatclaymonkey on “Pokemon had a baby with Attack on Titan and it’s awful”